Services & Products



  • Electrical system data logging;
  • Power quality and needs analysis reporting;
  • PV system engineering and design;
  • Concept system designs and operational simulations;
  • On-site presentations and demonstrations;
  • Site analysis and energy optimization consulting;
  • Technical advisory service;
  • Electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC);
  • Facilitation of plant financing with our trusted partners – Business entities only.


Energy Auditing, Reporting & Design Process


A site-specific report is crucial in allowing for cost-effective and accurate system sizing, ensuring correct PV array and/or battery plant design. VAC Solar uses industry standard design techniques taking into account numerous factors that influence the correct power plant sizing. These include the geographical location’s actual solar irradiation and expected full sun hours of the prospective client’s site.  The battery efficiencies, equipment and cable losses, mounting data and of course the actual electrical consumption and quality are also taken into account.

For VAC Solar to be able to obtain accurate and relevant electrical energy data from the prospective customer, we install a data logger on site for a minimum of 7 full days.  This enables us to correctly size and design the PV array and/or battery power plant system to the customer’s specific requirements. The data captured includes the daily energy consumption profile (day-time as opposed to night-time hours), maximum demand, minimum and maximum phase voltages and currents, as well as the site’s actual power factor.

The captured data is then used to generate a needs analysis report which graphs the exact energy and demand usage profiles for the electrical consumers. VAC Solar then uses these reports for a concept PV plant design to recommend possible energy saving solutions prior to the actual engineering process.  Once the engineering process commences this ensures an accurate PV system size that is both cost-effective and tailored to the customer’s exact needs, also improving the efficiency and optimisation of the power plant.


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