VAC Solar specialise in the design, development and construction of containerised solar PV plants. The deployment of containerised PV plants is a fast and convenient method of deploying a new system in remote locations where brick and mortar buildings are not available. These plants can be built and commissioned off site and reduces the time from order placement to energy production significantly. It is also much easier to secure and lock down to minimise theft and damage.

The VAC Solar containerised solutions include the required high voltage inverters, LiFePO4 batteries and MCCs (Motor Control Centres) complete with the AC and DC switch gear and protection i.e. circuit breakers, change over switches, fuse protection and SPDs (surge protection devices).  We incorporate fully insulated containers with raised reinforced floors, maintenance and emergency access, fire suppression systems and air conditioners for cooling.

A standard or high rise B-grade 20ft (6m) or 40ft (12m) container can be converted and deployed in a reasonably short period of time. For larger multi-megawatt plants, a multi-container design approach has also been configured which is able to house multiple inverters, battery banks and the required switch gear.

These systems are perfectly suited for many commercial, industrial, agricultural and off-grid village electrification projects.

VAC Solar is a PV Green Card certified installer.

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