Established in 2018, Megarevo is an industry-leading hybrid inverter manufacturer. Their focus is on four application scenarios: residential energy storage, C&I energy storage, microgrid, and grid-side energy storage, providing customers with standardized hybrid inverters, customized solutions, and ODM services. Megarevo inverters include MEGA and REVO series of PCS, MPS microgrid products and energy storage systems, which have passed CGC, CE, TUV, UL, NRS certifications and the certifications in North America, the UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, and other regions.

The REVO range of inverters is specific to residential applications. The MPS Hybrid and MEGA PCS range of inverters are perfect for C&I (Commercial & Industrial) applications.

MPS Hybrid series inverters adopt an integrated design, integrating PV controllers, energy storage converters, and on/off-grid automatic switching units, greatly improving customer deployment efficiency and reducing installation costs. The PV capacity can be flexibly configured, greatly improving the microgrid system availability, and is suitable for remote areas and islands where power is relatively weak. Our microgrid inverter’s strong load adaptability and complete protection function ensure power supply security and stability.

The MPS range of inverters include the 30kW, 50kW, 100kW, 150kW, 250kW and 500kW units.

Megarevo MPS Hybrid

MEGA PCS series energy storage inverter is developed based on the application requirements of large C&I plants such as peak load shifting, battery backup, etc. It adopts full digital control technology, integrates the leading technological achievements of contemporary power electronics, and the highest efficiency of the product reaches 97.5%; Support multi-machine parallel function.

The PCS range of inverters include the 30kW, 50kW, 100kW, 150kW, 250kW and 500kW units.

Megarevo Mega PCS

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