Photovoltaic Systems

Because VAC Solar sees itself as a reputable firm and aims to be a leader in energy saving controls, we took the decision to only align ourselves with reliable product manufacturers. It is for this reason that VAC Solar install Tier 1 PV modules and strongly support the latest industry drive towards Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery solutions. VAC Solar is an official distributor for Freedom Won which is a South African LiFePO4 battery manufacturer.

We also sell, install and support a relatively large range of solar power electronic equipment but mainly focus on Microcare, a proudly South African manufacturer of whom VAC Solar is a distributor, Victron Energy, KACO and Fronius products.

As part of our total solution offering, VAC Solar does energy audits and also design, supply, install and commission PV and battery power plant systems consisting of the following:

  • Grid-Tied PV power plants for energy cost savings;
  • Grid-Connected PV systems (Hybrid & Bi-Directional) for a combined cost saving and backup solution;
  • Grid-Support battery systems for maximum demand saving as well as peak tariff shifting;
  • Off-Grid and Islanded Mini-Grid power plants for remote power solutions;
  • UPS energy backup systems.

Through our specialised services and partnerships, VAC Solar offers end-to-end engineering solutions assisting us in providing power where none is available, energy cost savings, maximum demand shaving and peak tariff shifting/arbitrage.

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